Farmers Market will not take place at Hill-Stead Museum in 2014

FARMINGTON, CT – Hill-Stead Museum announced today that it will not host its Farmers Market this summer due to a lack of funding.

The Farmers Market, which has run for the past five years during the summer on the grounds of Hill-Stead, was established in 2009 to honor the agricultural history of the estate. The Market was, in large part, funded by grant money, and due to the lack of new grant funds to cover the cost of running the Market in 2014, the decision was made to suspend it this summer.

“Hill-Stead is very proud of the ‘destination market’ that it created and the community has enjoyed,” said Susan Ballek, Executive Director & CEO of Hill-Stead Museum. “I am saddened that the lack of crucial grant funding makes it impossible for us to host this year, as it is an expensive program and one, as a non-profit institution, the Museum cannot sustain on its own. I am thankful to you, our Hill-Stead community, for making our Farmers Market such a wonderful experience for all.”


Hill-Stead Museum  |  35 Mountain Road, Farmington, CT 06032  |  860.677.4787

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