Richard Blanco Reading in the Libraries of Hill-Stead

Richard Blanco performed in the Libraries of Hill-Stead Museum to support The Sunken Garden Poetry Festival on Thursday, March 3.



Richard performed at the Festival in 2013 and also served as Inaugural Poet for President Barak Obama. Hill-Stead was honored to have him headline last night’s benefit reading.

For more information about the festival, see 2016 Sunken Garden Poetry Festival.

2 thoughts on “Richard Blanco Reading in the Libraries of Hill-Stead

  1. Hill-Stead Museum Post author

    Thanks for your comment! There is a list of the past festival poets here: . We hope it brings back wonderful memories.

  2. Charlie Chase

    I have a suggestion. Compile a list of the featured poets from all past events. It will contain the names of some of the country’s finest poets and be great publicity for you. And for those of us who have been around a while, the list will remind us of the wonderful poets we have seen.

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