Construction update – December 1, 2020

Inside, outside, everywhere you look

The holidays aren’t slowing down our construction project at Hill-Stead—the past two weeks have been busy, noisy, dusty, and at times, a little smelly!

Woodworkers and painters are repairing the siding and trim along large swaths of the exterior. At the same time, the infrastructure and piping for sufficient basement drainage are being laid underneath the area known as the kitchen garden.

What is less visible to our visitors is the interior work, including the new, upgraded, and ADA-compliant restrooms. (We are very proud that our plans include more than double the number of bathrooms required by code.) For a central bank – of men, women, and family rooms – in the structure’s northwest corner, the new walls and plumbing have been put in place, and the ductwork is currently being installed.

At the opposite end of the complex, the workers have completed removing the concrete floor by smashing it into bits now strewn in a loose and low pile of gray rubble (pictured below left). I can’t look at it without thinking of the surface of the moon!

The hard work still reaps reward, and not just in the form of continuing forward progress. The unexpected delights come with working in a historic building, such as this vintage bottle of Kentucky Whisky (pictured above right), found in the lobby’s ceiling outside the Makeshift Theater. A little time capsule (circa 1906) is hidden away and awaiting discovery.

Dr. Anna Swinbourne

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One thought on “Construction update – December 1, 2020

  1. Liz Carter

    Bill and Hill-Stead Staff-

    Thanks so much for the update; how very exciting to watch this project take shape. Please continue to keep us posted.

    Miss everyone;
    Liz and Jim Carter

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