Day 1

The big day is finally here!

From left to right: Dave Perbeck, Operations Director at Hill-Stead; Lavell Thompson, President of Hill-Stead’s Board of Governor’s; Frank Giordano and Chuck Mueller of Centerbrook Architects.

After a decade in the making, Hill-Stead launched our highly anticipated strategic endeavor to enhance our sustainability. As you can see from the photos, the construction phase of our Carriage Barn renovation kicked off this past Friday, September 18 with work on the Entry Hall, Gift Shop, and Media Space now underway.

Please stop by Hill-Stead to check on progress or visit these pages every two weeks as we continue to post project updates.

In the meantime, please read our Case Statement validating the importance of this renovation to the future of Hill-Stead for generations to come!

To learn more, please visit Bringing Art to Life – Hill-Stead’s 75th Anniversary Capital and Endowment Campaign.

Support our Capital and Endowment Campaign today by completing this pledge form.

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