Director’s Message – March 30, 2021

Dear Friends,

The miracle of birth has arrived at Hill-Stead! We are delighted to introduce adorable Ulysses, the first of this year’s group of new lambs. (welcome to the world, little guy, we are trying to make it better for you!) With many more lambies expected in the coming weeks, we warmly invite you to come for a visit to see this natural wonder for yourselves, and if desired, to join our contest to name three of the newborns (or dedicate a trail or an outdoor bench) through our Healthy Living Campaign.

Speaking of arrivals, we are also overjoyed to announce that May Market is back! In keeping with the times, it will look slightly different this year, entirely outside and spread widely across our grounds for safety’s sake. It will have an additional third day to enjoy, running from National Arbor Day on Friday, April 30 through Sunday, May 2. In spirit, however, this event remains unchanged. We are immensely grateful to be able to host this perennial favorite again, to welcome spring together. For more information and tickets, please visit our May Market events page.

Mary and Joseph Sargent at the 2005 Hill-Stead Gala Benefit

And speaking of natural wonders, during this month of celebrating women’s history, I would like to celebrate one of our longtime and leading supporters, Mary Sargent. Mary is among the extraordinary females who, across generations, have devoted themselves and their talents to preserving Theodate’s Hill-Stead. Not only does Mary hold the title of the longest-serving board president, but she also shepherded the institution through a significant period of growth in the 1990s. Mary also founded crucial organizations that are still the backbone of our financial wellbeing, including the Theodate Pope Riddle Society and the Legacy Society. At our present moment of transformational growth with the renovation nearly complete, Mary continues to support and serve to this day. Please enjoy her story, and the many reasons to include Hill-Stead in your estate planning in our newly minted Legacy Society Newsletter.

And please know you are welcome at Hill-Stead, to enjoy our resources of art and nature. The spring blossoms, artistic marvels, and lambs await your visit!

Dr. Anna Swinbourne, Executive Director & CEO

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