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Timeless Voices at Hill-Stead Museum – Poetry

January 30, 9:30 am - 11:00 am

Poetry writing at Hill-Stead


January 30 through February 27

A new offering for adult learners who want to enter the world of poetry

Timeless Voices is a five-week exploration of appreciating, experimenting and writing poetry. The book-lined walls of Hill-Stead Museum’s libraries will inspire beginning poets, who will receive expert instruction from teaching poet Jan Brennan.

During this course, students will learn to appreciate and understand poetry through a variety of techniques. They will learn about poetic devices and various approaches to reading for maximum understanding. Participants will build the skills necessary to experience poetry as an expressive and insightful means of interpreting the world. They will also write poetry, first by imitating various styles of master poets, then they will find their own style.

Classes will be held at Hill-Stead Museum in the historic house’s libraries and the boardroom.


Museum Members | $100
Non-Members  | $110
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Class Outline

[expandSession 1  Immersion
Reading/enjoying the beauty of poetry
Multiple readings to glean more through each reading
Either focusing on one poet’s work or multiple poets’ works

Sessions 2 & 3 Treasure Hunting
Reviewing/learning poetic devices
Combing through poems to find the treasures used by the poets

Session 4 Imitation
First attempts at writing poems will be through imitating the learned style of master poets

Session 5 Flying on Own 
Once comfortable with a specific style, writers will begin writing their own poems

Other possible topics include
  • ekphrasis
  • working in pairs, small groups, or individually
  • writing specific types of poems
  • printing a small chapbook of original works

Jan Brennan has taught poetry to countless students during her twenty-five-year career as an educator, and she has led several poetry clubs and workshops. She oversaw the publication of 11 poetry anthologies for thousands of Avon Middle School students and has had her own work published in various periodicals.

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