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A virtual or in-person field trip to Hill-Stead Museum can make lessons on art, history, language arts, women’s history, agriculture and farming come alive!kids-on-lawn

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“The tour and the activity were both fantastic!”
– Vicky Norlund, Rockville High School

[Our] Professional Development day was well organized, informative and motivating…Teachers were given information, lesson plan ideas and tours of the museum. It was an excellent way to begin the year. We have visited other museums for our professional development days, but the Hill­Stead was definitely one of the best…It addressed the concerns specific to the Visual Arts teachers, provided ways to integrate othere subjects and gave teachers time to do their own hands-on activity.

– Pasqua L. Guzzi, Manchester Public Schools

“Excellent!  I’ve been here many times and I always learn so much and new information, as well.  Everyone was friendly, kind and welcoming and asked wonderful questions that engaged the students.”

– Suzanne Kent, East Hartford High School