Asian Souvenirs

During an era when Japonism was popular among collectors, Alfred and Ada Pope purchased numerous Asian objects during their European travels. Later, John and Theodate Pope Riddle also collected 18th- and 19th-century Asian souvenirs while touring the East. Netsuke, inro, chops, snuff bottles, carved ivory miniatures and ink pots and brushes are among the objects in the collection.

Hill-Stead Souvenirs Chess Main pieces

Photo by Deborah Key.

Chinese Chess Set
Ivory, 1790-1800
32-piece set with three concentric carved and pierced balls on the base of each piece; red pieces are dyed with cinnabar

Hill-Stead Souvenirs Asian Trio

Photo by Deborah Key.

Japanese Inro (compartment) with Ojime (bead) and Netsuke (miniature sculpture)
Ivory & Lacquer and Wood & Lacquer
The inro typically is lacquered with multiple compartments; originally used to carry personal seals the Japanese used to stamp documents. Netsuke come in many forms. Here the Monkey songoku figure [insert location in image, left, center or right] carries magical wand and sacred books and scrolls; inlay of brass and mother of pearl on leggings, scrolls and head.

snuff bottlesSnuff Bottle
Ceramic, Glass & Silver
White bottle shows red image of four-claw dragon pursuing a flaming pearl. Pale blue glass knob to stopper with silver spoon.

Hill-Stead Souvenirs Chops Red Marble

Photo by Deborah Key.

Set of Chops (Seals or Stamps)
These seals or stamps are engraved with the name of the office, institution, or individual, who owned them.

Hill-Stead Souvenirs Brush with Ink Pot

Photo by Deborah Key.

Inkpot & brush
Bamboo, wood, bristle & ivory
Bamboo and bristle brush with ivory cap, fits into hollow stick with bamboo cap for carrying. Bamboo and wood inkpot has lid, cord and bead, with ink residue inside pot.