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Hill-Stead has reinvented the celebrated online poetry journal,, to showcase the next generation of poets. The new mission of the journal will be to feature original student compositions, particularly poetry produced through Hill-Stead educational programming and by those participating in the Fresh Voices student poetry competition. All newly-published poetry will be found here in the Theodate section of our website.

JUNE 2019

This issue features the poetry from the winners of the 2018 Fresh Voices Poetry Competition.

The 2018 winners were Vanecia Fultz, Rachel Justice, Sarah Lewis, Ellis McGinley, Youssef Mezrioui and Alex Nordlund

Read the May 2019 issue of Theodate.

January 2018

This issue features the poetry from the winners of the 2017 Fresh Voices Poetry Competition.

The 2017 winners were Rachel Horowitz-Benoit, Sophia Durand, Joyce Hida, Verne Lanier Mackoff, and Sophie Spaner.

Read the January 2018 issue of Theodate.

January 2017

This month we feature the poetry from the winners of the 2016 Fresh Voices Poetry Competition.

The 2016 winners were Owen Elphick, Chloe Ezzo, Leah Nashel, Jossary Padilla, Abbey Rose Popolizio.

Read the January 2017 issue of Theodate.

October 2016

Writing-in-the-gallery-NordlundThe October issue celebrates the poetry programs held for visiting school groups each day at HIll-Stead .

Read the October 2016 issue of Theodate.

March 2016

fresh voices young poets all

This month we feature the poetry from the winners of the 2015 Fresh Voices Poetry Competition.

The 2015 winners were Cole Adams, Avery Christensen, Khadija Hussain, Joscelyn Norris, and Kaleigh Perkins.

Read the March 2016 issue of Theodate.

February 2016

Fresh Voices Students 2

The February 2016 issue presents original poetry by the winners of the 2013 and 2014 Fresh Voices Poetry Competitions.

The 2013 winners: Julia Alexander, Horlando De los Santos, Trey Geisman, Hayley Kolding, Essence McDonald
The 2014 student poets: Shana Blatt, Colleen Feeney, Sophia O’Brien-Udry, Taite Puhala.

Read the February 2016 issue of Theodate.

 January 2016

ampersandThis month, Hill-Stead will take a final opportunity to showcase adult poetry accepted for publication in the former site by featuring these talented poets and their original work: Billy Collins, Jose Angel Araguz, JoAnne Bauer, Kim Bridgford, Ken Fifer, Kate Gleason, John Gribble, Dolores Hayden, Marc Tretin, and Elaine Zimmerman.

Read the January 2016 issue of Theodate.



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