Bringing Art to Life – Hill-Stead’s 75th Anniversary Capital and Endowment Campaign

On the occasion of its 75th Anniversary in April 2022, we invite you to be part of Hill-Stead Museum’s extraordinary legacy. Join us as we embark on our Capital and Endowment Campaign Bringing Art to Life. Explore how your gift will help build a dynamic and sustainable future for this renowned cultural institution and its vibrant community. Learn why this campaign is worthy of your support as it begins a transformative new chapter.

Support our Capital and Endowment Campaign today by completing this pledge form, or making an online donation.

Strategic Goals and Overview  |  Naming Opportunities  |  Construction Updates

Strategic Goals and Overview

Encourage increased visitation to Hill-Stead, as well as tourism activity in the Farmington Valley and Greater Hartford area. 
regional and national awareness for Hill-Stead and its extraordinary collections, impressive architecture, and expansive 152-acre estate. 
long-term institutional sustainability through greater revenue from membership and new and repeat attendance. 
our ability to collaborate with historical and cultural institutions, both those nearby and farther afield, to develop and offer more interdisciplinary events and programming.

Read our Case Statement to learn more about our 75th anniversary Capital and Endowment Campaign

Download a PDF of the Case Statement

Naming Opportunities

These are some of the potential naming opportunities. We are more than happy to work with you to recognize your gift in a meaningful way. There are a variety of other options. All campaign donors will be gratefully recognized if the donor would like us to do so. Please reach out to Susan Orred, Director of Development ( with any questions.

People and Places

Exhibition Gallery  |  $1,000,000
New Media Space*  | 
Makeshift Theater & Education Center  | 
Exhibition Curator  |  $300,000
Director of Education   | 
Serenity Garden  |  $250,000
Museum Entrance  | 
Historic Stable Terrace  | 
Museum Shop  | 
Renovated Kitchen  | 
Security Offices  |  $

Plant, Nurture, and Celebrate Trees

Plant a tree  |  $5,000
Nurture a grove of trees |  $2,500
Care for a tree |  $1,000
Nutrients & tools   |  $250

*Can be split for space and for technology/hardware components

Support our Capital and Endowment Campaign today by completing this pledge form, or making an online donation.

Construction Updates


Construction update – October 12, 2020

As we all know, sometimes one has to take things apart to create something new and beautiful! We are delighted to share that we are now at that exciting stage at Hill-Stead. [Read more]


Day 1

The big day is finally here! After a decade in the making, Hill-Stead kicked off our highly anticipated strategic endeavor to enhance our sustainability. [Read more]