About Hill-Stead’s Haystacks

Grainstacks, White Frost Effect, Claude Monet

Grainstacks, White Frost Effect (1889)

Welcome to The Haystacks, the blog of the Hill-Stead Museum, a beloved cultural hub in the heart of Farmington, Connecticut. Launched in September 2020, the blog is a project of the entire Hill-Stead community, penned by our executive director, curator, educators, scholars, digital experts, director of communications, and many more.

The name is a nod to two of Hill-Stead’s most iconic Impressionist paintings, Grainstacks, White Frost Effect (1889), and Grainstacks in Bright Sunlight (1890) both by legendary artist Claude Monet. It’s also a nod to Hill-Stead’s original farm complex constructed in 1898 by its visionary founder Theodate Pope Riddle. It is reflective of the ideology and intentions of her philosophy to celebrate both art and nature.

Grainstacks in Bright Sunlight (1890)

The blog is an original, just like Hill-Stead itself! The works in the collection, the well-preserved 1901 National Historic Landmark that houses them, and the surrounding 152-acre estate are all originals. In fact, Theodate—one of our country’s first female architects, designed both the 33,000 square foot Colonial Revivalist home and expansive gardens & grounds. We hope you enjoy reading more about all that is Hill-Stead!

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