Construction update – October 12, 2020

As we all know, sometimes one has to take things apart to create something new and beautiful!

We are delighted to share that we are now at that exciting stage at Hill-Stead. The exterior fencing—in our favorite shade of green—has gone up and been decorated with colorful renditions of the renovated spaces to come. And, the interior demolition has begun. In these photographs, you can see the transition that is occurring in the museum’s entryway. The paneling on the north wall has come down, revealing a first look at the ticket desk and gift shop! For the moment, the shop serves as central command for our site supervisor, Carl (pictured above in red coat here).

What has gone up across the way is a temporary floor-to-ceiling divider wall—painted with Benjamin Moore’s Sidewalk Grey. The wall partitions the current space and allows visitors to pass through safely from the museum’s parking lot. We were thrilled to welcome former Board President and Hill-Stead champion, Mary Sargent, as one of our first visitors. She is pictured above with Executive Director, Dr. Anna Swinbourne.

What isn’t visible in photographs or on a walk-through is our continued and careful collaboration with the architects at Centerbrook, PAC Group construction management, and the State’s DECD (Department of Economic Development). A concerted effort is needed to complete the submittal process – all part and parcel of a smooth and thorough laying the “foundation” for our successful endeavor.

Bringing Art to Life – Hill-Stead’s 75th Anniversary Capital and Endowment Campaign

Please read our Case Statement validating the importance of this renovation to the future of Hill-Stead for generations to come!

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