Construction update – February 9, 2021

Renovation progress!

On this snowy winter day, please enjoy a glimpse of our progress as of February 2021 as we work to create beautiful new spaces at Hill-Stead. As we aim to complete the major renovation project by June, we will share a sneak peek of the progress each month via video and images.

Director of Operations Dave Perbeck wiring during one of the storms

Even snow cannot stop us as the team forged ahead through the storms, preparing the walls to begin drywalling this week. Included are the many, many crucial components of this stage: security, fire suppression, electrical, HVAC, and communications systems, as well as audiovisual capabilities.

For the last, our talented neighbors Sam and Mariah Reisner were (once again!) incredibly supportive. They helped advise on connectivity and system design. In doing so, they worked closely with our architects and engineers to ensure that the state-of-the-art gallery can be an ideal setting for lectures, presentations, and events.

Bringing Art to Life – Hill-Stead’s 75th Anniversary Capital and Endowment Campaign

Please read our Case Statement validating the importance of this renovation to the future of Hill-Stead for generations to come!

Support our Capital and Endowment Campaign today by completing this pledge form,

To learn more, please visit Bringing Art to Life – Hill-Stead’s 75th Anniversary Capital and Endowment Campaign.


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