Construction update – November 10, 2020

Watching the progress on our construction this past week was nothing short of amazing! The symbiosis of destruction and creation continues to work its magic.

Down came the kitchen and the interior modifications made years ago, namely to install visitor bathrooms near the Makeshift Theater, which resulted in a massive pile of rubble, seen in this photograph below. (From this pile, we extracted and saved beams of the original wooden structure, which we plan to cut and craft into souvenirs for faithful donors and supporters.)

Additionally, the gift shop and northern wall of the carriage barn were opened up (below left). Some of the flooring lifted, all of which revealed many surprises. Among them, a line of radiators on the wall just below the gift shop ceiling (below right) and what we believe was the drain and elevated water source for a former car wash!


Lastly, and perhaps most wonderfully, the new art gallery space is now apparent (pictured below).

Having lived, slept, and breathed this project every day since stepping into the role of Executive Director, I must admit that even I – so immersed in the plans – was moved to walk into the space and see this incredible progress.

After decades of devotion and planning, this project has come alive before our eyes. We are immensely proud of the results—a beauty to behold—and to have carried on to this point during this exceptionally trying year! The very air in the space is thick with excitement.

If you are interested in a site viewing or joining the dozens of supporters making this renovation possible, I invite you to contact me. We will make plans for your visit and proudly share this transformation with you!

Dr. Anna Swinbourne

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