Giving Tuesday

I am happy and blessed to be able to strengthen the vocal cords in this beautiful setting. It brings positive energy to have all the colors of Mother Nature surrounding me.Ta’u Pupu’a, professional football player turned operatic dynamo (pictured at far left below)

Good morning, Friends.

We’re thrilled to start this important day of giving by thanking the two women who have come together to pledge $7,500 as a matching gift for our fundraising efforts today. If we can raise that amount, they will match it!

Women joining forces makes me think of the capstone of our From the Porch series (the 30-event, 12-partner, and 100+ performer extravaganza): the tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, which we created in partnership with Opera Connecticut and titled “We Sing in Her Honor.” On the grounds of an institution made by one pioneering woman, Theodate Pope Riddle, we celebrated another, the notorious RBG, through her favorite form of art, opera!

There seemed an otherworldly connection between these two women, RBG and TPR—each a force of nature in her own right—as the event closed with America the Beautiful, sung together by the entire cast spread across the porch, like a band of angels (pictured above).

I see “We Sing in Her Honor” as a glorious example of us creatively and uniquely responding to this challenging moment we find ourselves in – fulfilling our duty to sustain Hill-Stead according to our founder’s wishes, “for the benefit and enjoyment of the public” in perpetuity.

Now, on GivingTuesday, we have an opportunity to come together and demonstrate our collective belief in the marvels of art and nature, which Hill-Stead uniquely offers in a powerful combination.

Plain and simple, we need you to continue doing so. Today you can help us meet our $7,500 goal* and thus double your gift! And you can join the community of those who value and support what Hill-Stead offers, some of whom are quoted on our Annual Fund page.

For that, words aren’t enough to express our gratitude. You’ll have to visit, and let us show you how much we appreciate … you!

my warmest,
Dr. Anna Swinbourne, Executive Director & CEO

*with $2,300 already raised – hurrah! – we have $5,200 more to reach our goal. We’ll keep you updated throughout the day.

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