Volunteer Voices

Three Cheers for Hill-Stead Volunteers

At Hill-Stead Museum, the people make the place! Our volunteers are at the heart of Hill-Stead, giving of their time and energy in every aspect of the dynamic cultural destination from its extraordinary art collections to its impressive architecture, and expansive gardens and grounds.

Volunteers nurture Hill-Stead Museum’s mission of enrichment, education, and stewardship alive for generations to come. They also strengthen our ability to offer enriching educational programming and give generously of their time at our robust roster of events, including our May Market and our nationally acclaimed Sunken Garden Poetry Festival as well as seasonal celebrations.

“Many of our volunteers are vibrant members of the community whose tremendous contributions not only help fulfill our mission but greatly enrich the experience of our visitors,” says Anna Swinbourne, Hill-Stead Museum’s Executive Director.

Each week, we will go behind the scenes to profile these kind spirits, whose generosity continues to exceed and surpass expectations. We welcome new volunteers to join us and bring their passion to Hill-Stead Museum.

For now, we leave you with a snapshot of our volunteer voices:

“Every time come here, I learn something new,” says longtime Museum Guide and Educator Tom Sturgess.

“Hill-Stead is not your typical museum. Many stories are attached with a rich history of a turn-of-the-century family and art interwoven,” says longtime Museum Guide and Educator Marilynn Sturgess.

“I am hooked on the house! There’s just something about coming to the property. It feels as though the Pope Family could pop home at any time, and they would find us working away,” says Hillsteader and Garden Gang member, Becky Koepf.

“It is fascinating to see how a family lived in 1901. I love everything about Hill-Stead, which motivates me to stay involved,” says Anitra Powers, Museum Educator.

“The place is my passion,” says longtime Museum Guide and Educator Sharon Stotz.

“The House comes alive at the holidays! Even when it’s not decorated, it’s easy to envision it as a family home,” says Laurie Sinder, Hill-Steaders President.